Neutral is a small nimble studio founded by Stephen Hannon and Kieran Baybutt. We help brands and people achieve their goals by embracing strong art direction combined with modern technologies.

Choosing to work with us means direct collaboration with the dedicated individuals involved in your project.

We collaborate with both brands and individuals to craft digital experiences, establish brand identities, and develop campaigns.

We're excitable by trait, taking pride in knowing that no matter the size of the project, we will always create something special. Focusing on the nuances and honing in on what makes a brand and project different guides our output.

We blend creativity with practical design to make your online presence unforgettable. Whether you're promoting a product, or showcasing your art, we create websites that leave a lasting impact.

Bringing brands to life through crafting an identity that can be thoughtfully executed across all touchpoints, whether that be online and social media or print and packaging.

By utilizing Strategy, Art Direction, and Design, we facilitate and ignite creative campaigns that maintain their effectiveness.


We want to create a new type of studio that is transparent with how we operate for both the people we work with and the people we employ. We’re all things neutral. No fancy job titles. No hidden costs. No bias from the beginning of our projects to the very end.

We hope that by adopting this way of working, we will truly be able to create the best work possible and keep healthy working relationships with our clients and employees.

No project is the same. Meaning we don’t have a linear process or a list of questions ready to go but more of a framework to help guide conversation, exploration and creation.

When starting Neutral Studio we created a set of values to keep ourselves accountable and ensure we are always doing work we are proud of.

We wish we had access to these things when starting out, check them out and let us know what you think. As we evolve over time, so will this list.