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Every project we undertake is a unique canvas, and in the case of Ectogasm, we were entrusted with the task of elevating an existing brand with an enchanting vision. Ectogasm, conceived by Raeha, embodies a realm of magic, inspiring others to discover beauty in the most unexpected places, even when the world appears its darkest.

The brief was clear: to breathe new life into Ectogasm by refreshing its brand identity and crafting a brand-new website.

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While the existing brand had already established a sense of wonder and mystique, we aimed to take it a step further. This project was not merely about creating an online presence but about amplifying the essence of Ectogasm whilst embracing e-commerce best practices.

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With the new Ectogasm website we aspired to push the boundaries of brand expression through the thoughtful incorporation of interaction design and using motion to tell the story of the brand.

We utilised Rive to add thoughtful hover effects like the ones seen in the story page.

With a commitment to putting the products first we carefully blended functionality and aesthetics to ensure a seamless shopping experience. But our ambition didn't end there. We were driven by the desire to push the boundaries of brand expression through interaction design. The outcome was a website where the brand's magic came to life in a digital space.

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