Warm & Fuzzy Poster

Warm & Fuzzy, situated in Los Angeles, is a creative studio collaborating with brands, advertisers, and storytellers to produce remarkable visual content. They prioritize excellence over fluff, ensuring that their work stands on its own merits.

In pursuit of a platform to exhibit their work in an uncomplicated yet impactful manner, we designed a website that strikes a balance, preserving the vibrancy and playfulness inherent in their creations while not overshadowing their artistry.

Warm & Fuzzy Invoice DesignWarm & Fuzzy Business Card Design

Warm & Fuzzy encapsulates a sense of boldness and distinctiveness, which we aimed to convey in their updated brand and website. This was achieved by combining robust typography with contrasting colours.

Warm & Fuzzy Work Page Design
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Warm & Fuzzy Job Page Design
Warm & Fuzzy Bear Face