R+C Showcase

R+C, situated in Boston and Charleston, is a creative agency with independent ownership. Over the years, as their mission and objectives have evolved, they recognized the need for change. They began as a Film House heavily involved in producing their creative content and have since transitioned into a full service agency.

The objective of this partnership was to develop a fresh website that would enable the R+C team to transition from their prior identity and reposition themselves as a forward-looking initiative with a rich history.

R+C Hero
Work Page

As their business progressed, their brand also underwent a transformation. Their fresh brand exuded vitality and dynamism. They put a greater emphasis on straightforward communication, with playful shapes and abstract design elements assuming more of a supporting role.

We played a pivotal role in bringing life to all their brand assets and seamlessly incorporated them throughout the website, infusing subtle moments of joy.

rplusc mobile
rplusc people
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One of the main requests for the new website was the creation of a flexible case study page that could be structured according to the preferences of the R+C team.

With this objective in mind, we deliberately designed this page to enable the team to customize and combine different content blocks seamlessly, maintaining the overall design coherence of the page.

R+C Case Study